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AstroVed Specials

AstroVed offers you Vedic Astrology Services that can provide answers related with any area of your life. Our tools will help you understand and evaluate your life. This will help to trouble shoot the areas that you need assistance with, by performing remedies and then maximizing the future potential. Connect to the success vibes with our special astrology services.

Rare Bhairava Grand Homa Series: Invoke 8 Forms of Bhairava on 8 Power Days in 2018 For 15 Rare Blessings – LIVE on May 22, 2018 at 6:00 pm IST


Bhairava, the fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva, has the power to annihilate negativities and destroy evil forces. According to the sacred text named Rudrayamala, there are 8 prominent forms of Bhairavas guarding the 8 directions. These 8 Bhairavas are called as ‘Ashta Bhairava’, who are governed by Maha Swarna Kala Bhairava or simply Kala Bhairava (the supreme ruler of time)...

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Monthly Ganesha Wedding Ceremonies on Every 14th Waxing Moon – April 28, 2018 (IST)


A new Ganesha Wedding ceremony is being commissioned by Dr. Pillai. This esoteric ceremony is the most powerful ritual to receive Ganesha’s blessings for an abundant and prosperous life. Just like human beings, the Gods and Goddess also greatly anticipate and relish their wedding ceremonies.  They shower their highest blessings on those who help them celebrate their wedding rituals. Based on a recent revelation from Dr. Pillai, AstroVed will n..

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Deep-Cleanse Your Karma with Rare Rituals for Thiruchendur Muruga – Register before April 24, 2018 (IST)


Dr. Pillai recommends worship of Muruga at Thiruchendur to remove these negative karmas from Svadhisthana chakra. Under his guidance, for the first time, AstroVed will be offering a unique program of ongoing Vedic rituals for Spiritual Warrior Muruga to deeply cleanse your worst karma and remove all kinds of negativity. This newly designed program of yearlong rituals helps you to connect with Muruga on a weekly basis during his power times to acc..

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Narasimha Jayanthi (Narasimha’s Birthday): Invoke 9 Forms of the Divine Guardian Angel – LIVE on April 28, 2018 at 7:00 am IST


Narasimha is the 4th incarnation of Lord Vishnu who can destroy your enemies, eradicate evil forces and misfortunes and protect you from diseases. He is the most intense and fierce of all incarnations of Lord Vishnu and is hailed as the ‘Great Protector’, who has the form of a Lion-Man with a lion face and human-like torso. It is believed that propitiating him on his birthday with rituals according to the scriptures can bless you with victory..

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Chitra Purnima: Full Moon of Divine Merit – Day of Grace: Erase Your Karmic Records – April 29, 2018 at 8:00 am IST


The first full Moon of the Vedic New Year (Tamil month Chitra), is known as Chitra Purnima- a very auspicious day for erasing old karma and new beginnings for creation and manifestation. Astronomically, Chitra Purnima is celebrated when the Sun is exalted in the sign Aries and the Moon is in the bright star named Chitra in the constellation of Libra. According to the sacred text Padma Purana, there is a divine accountant or bookkeeper named Chi..

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Emergency Karma Clinic on 4th Waning Moon – May 3, 2018 IST


Karma is the force of reciprocity that follows us wherever and whenever we are. It is the source of all forms of suffering and misfortune. Although persistent and pervasive, it can be effectively nullified through appropriate spiritual technology. ..

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April Power Times Transform Your Life: Get Aligned With the Energies of the Day for Success


Each month, there are powerful Moon phase days that can help you manifest your monthly goals. Get aligned with the energies of the day and receive the blessings and benefits of the deity of the day. Connecting with Archetypes during their monthly power days is a technology recommended by Dr. Pillai to spend your time wisely and align yourself with the energies of the day. AstroVed's Vedic Technology uses powerful ceremonies as recommended in the..

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April Interactive Fire Rituals


Fire Rituals/Homas are an effective technology allowing you to heal problems at their root cause. You can strategically use the secret of fire to get outside intervention and solutions to your problems or ambitions. Fire is the only element that can transform a material element into an etheric one. It lends itself to be the mediator between humans and Gods and is the bridge between heaven and earth so to speak...

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Ultimate Saturn Remedy Program


AstroVed has created a unique way of handling the impact and negative influence of Saturn in your life through a new Ultimate Saturn Remedy Program. This new Saturn Remedy program is based on the concept of remedying the influence of Saturn on a weekly and monthly basis using a tremendously powerful set of rituals done at 8 special powerspots, weekly fire rituals that can remedy the bad effects of Saturn as well as yearlong performance of Vedic r..

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Recreate 12 Aspects of Your Karma in 1 Year: Targeted Vedic Rituals and Remedies to Clear Karma in 12 Areas of Life


AstroVed has created a powerful one-year program with targeted remedies to recreate 12 key areas of your life based on the 12 houses in your birth chart. Each month will focus on a specific house and related life issue. This one of it's kind comprehensive program is designed to transform each area of your life with the support of the King among planets, the Sun. According to Vedic astrology, the Sun represents your soul and life force. ..

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Financial Karma Solutions: Change Your Financial Karma and Attract Financial Success in 2018


AstroVed has created an intensive financial karma-clearing program to help you change your fortune and attract financial success in 2018. This one-of-its kind Financial Karma Solutions program uses a series of year long monthly rituals targeted at releasing your old financial karma and recreating a new financial future in 2018. Most people struggle financially and financial challenges sometimes bother people for many years without end. Obstacles ..

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Nataraja Abishekam: Experience the Transformational Energy of Shiva – LIVE on May. 07, 2018 at 4.30 pm (IST)


The divine dance of Nataraja in the golden hall of consciousness is referred to as 'Ananda Tandava', the Cosmic Dance of Bliss. Six times a year, the energy of Nataraja becomes active on the Earth plane. Early winter, late winter, early summer, high summer, during the rainy and autumn seasons (six seasons) which coincides with the dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night times in heaven. ..

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Make 2018 Your Best Year: Your Essential 2018 Predictions & Personalized Remedial Rituals


Beginnings and endings are packed with power. When these key times are handled with awareness and intelligence, you can bring more positive results into your life. 2018 is just around the corner, as we end 2017 and prepare for 2018, it is time to put closure and prepare for a new beginning. To help your dreams and plans succeed, AstroVed has developed a highly effective package to clear out the old and bring in the new. The 2018 New Year Predic..

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Mars’ Transit into Capricorn – 189-Day Period of Exalted Mars Helps Attract Relationships and Realize Property Dreams – LIVE on May 2, 2018 IST


Mars, the planet of action and energy enters his exalted position on May 2, 2018 and stays there until November 6, 2018 for a period of 189 days. This year as a rare cosmic occurrence, Mars stays in the sign of exaltation for 6 months. Mars feels very comfortable in the sign Capricorn as the sign Capricorn is all about perseverance and achieving goals. This is the best period to access the Martian energy and convert into result-oriented actions. ..

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Timing is Everything: 2018 AstroVed Calendar


Timing is everything, and your 2018 Essential Timing Calendar is available now. The Muhurtha is a timing tool used in Astrology to determine the most superior or most beneficial times to start or stop events, including remedies or corrective rituals. Order your 2018 AstroVed Calendar and be prepared for the optimal times ahead...

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NEW Yearly AstroVed Loyalty Membership Program


We are happy to introduce a new AstroVed monthly membership program offered to give extra care to an exclusive group of select members. We designed the program to provide the best support for you and your loved ones to use Vedic technology to remove life problems and enhance your health, wealth and loving relationships, as well as every area of life...

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Daily Karma Removal Program (DKRP): Daily Rituals by Proxy for Karma Removal on “Autopilot”


Unless you become conscious of your karmic patterns, you won’t be able to break away from doing the same thing day after day, year after year, life after life. The Yogis and Siddhas consider rituals to be much more powerful than meditation when it comes to breaking your old karmic patterns. Rituals are a technology that can bypass the human ego and work directly with the soul, giving more profound and much faster results...

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Vedic Technology for Miraculously Resolving Financial, Relationship and Health Problems


Dr. Pillai recommends performing Tarpanam on an ongoing basis, without fail. It is the most essential ritual to resolve every kind of problem, and it is the greatest act you can do to help liberate your ancestors and help free your children from negative ancestral influences. For the first time ever, AstroVed is offering you a special package of an entire year of Tarpanam rituals performed for you at Rameswaram. Take advantage of this special opp..

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Birthday Rituals Package (40% discount) on Your Birthday


Get ready to remove negative Karma on your Birthday with some great divine techniques. We have created these birthday packages to help you take full advantage of your personal time of renewal. The powerful rituals designed to be performed on your birthday will increase divine blessings in your life and help you achieve your ideal 200% life (100% spiritual and 100% material). Read More ..

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