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student education astrology

Student and Education Astrology


Who doesn’t want to have an easier time learning new things? We cannot even imagine how much technology will change in the next 20 years. We will all be learning new things, time and again!

The planets Mercury and Jupiter play an important role in cognitive achievements.

When these planets are well influencing the 2nd House (primary school), 4th House (college) and 9th House (advanced degrees), valedictorians and A+ students are born.

Many parents have us analyze the charts of their children to give them clues for how best to support the students in their family.

In addition, our astrologers can take note of negative planetary influences that can bring obstacles to academic performance such as:

  • Laziness
  • Distraction or Loss of Focus Through Friends
  • Social Addictions
  • Dietary Problems

Our astrologers will suggest appropriate and specific remedy measures to clear the obstacles that may be hindering a student’s educational progress.

A very simple mantra to teach any child is Om Hayagriva Hayagriva Hayagriva (pause), then repeat. Saying the name of Hayagriva, an archetype of education, in sets of 3 is a shortcut way to connect with his blessings.

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Here are some quick tips to help you get to the root of your problem, remedy it quickly, and move on so you can achieve the most success! If you have not had a Vedic astrologer examine your chart to pinpoint which planet is influencing your career for better or worse, an authentic, reliable Vedic Astrology reading is essential. We offer a number of free, emailed, online and phone services. Remedies will be prescribed to correct the problems you are having. If you have a specific question that needs Instant Insight, our horary prasna service will answer your question with a live operator within 5 minutes using the current location of the stars and planets to assess your situation. This is a great service that can be accessed anywhere at almost any time through, even through an SMS text message. Nadi Astrology is an ancient divine science which is a mystery still as to how all your life information could have been written on a palm leaf thousands of years ago. We recommend Nadi astrology for any one serious about getting ahead in life and committed to removing their past life karmas that are the source of their current day problems. Not everyone has a nadi leaf and it is a premier service. You will maximize the value of the nadi only if you are committed to the performance of the remedies that are suggested. On occasion, Astroved introduces various divine prediction services such as Vishnu Maya Angel readings and Parrot astrology. The information that comes is channeled through a source, whether it is a human or bird, by divine laws. You can use these services as you are drawn to them. We do our best to assure quality and authenticity and our members testify to their ability! If you already know which remedies you need, please browse through our offerings and select the desired offering. We offer full traditional temple services such as homas (fire labs), poojas, archanas to all deities, but also some more esoteric ones such as mantra writing and feeding programs. During specific planetary alignments we also seek out the right temple energy vortexes to perform rituals for your benefit. Energized remedy products such as gemstones, yantras and incense are available for your home and personal use. We also provide a number of meditation products to help you overcome your deepest obstacles.

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